The Keyposition ULTRA service provides:

Site analysis
There are various widespread technical solutions which can interfere with the correct indexing of search engines and have a negative effect on the positioning of the website in search results. The use of dynamic contents, Javascript, flash, frames – to make a few examples – can compromise the chances of receiving good visibility from search engines and requires taking corrective measures. By analysing the website, the technical staff verifies the existence of these types of components and then develops tailored solutions to make the website more "search engine friendly". These “recommended” solutions, a genuine professional consultation, are sent to the customer via email. In many cases, the optimization of the pages will allow you to overcome or limit such problems.

- Definition of Key words
The choice of keywords (combination of two or more words) is a very tricky process, which effects the outcome of the entire promotion. Words which are too generic (e.g. hotel reservation without other specifications, shopping, cd, sex, video, sms, logos etc...), too elaborate or even, unrelated to the services offered through the website which is being promoted, must be avoided at all costs. Our experience and expertise guarantee the most appropriate choice of words, or rather words which represent the best compromise between number of searches made by the users and the expectations of positioning in the top results. We strongly advise customers to follow the advice of our experts regarding the choice of key words: optimizing a website with keywords which are not relevant or too competitive, in fact, is ineffective if not totally useless. In many cases, the optimization of the pages allows us to overcome or limit such problems.

- Optimization of the Home page and the main pages
After choosing the key words, we will proceed with the optimization of the Home Page and of other four “main” pages, in order to increase the possibility of good positioning on the search engines. The optimization consists in working on the HTML source of the document and the  setting-up of the "Tags" used by the search engines to determine the "theme" of the web page. The optimized source (or, in the case of dynamic websites the 
example of end source) is assigned to the website administrator for the upload, procedure to be carried out always with the appropriate precautions and only after having made a backup of the pages which you are going to replace. If the website does not have five susceptible pages of optimization, the technical staff will take care of the creation of two, three or four optimized pages for the search engines, which will redirect the user to the website home page.

- Professional registration on leading search engines and directories
As soon as the optimized pages have been loaded on the server, we can pass to the following phase: their signalling to engines and directories. The registration is a tricky procedure, which can influence the effectiveness of the promotion considerably. This is why it is important that the registration is carried out by highly qualified staff.
Engines/Directories covered by the basic service:
Google, Arianna, Yahoo! Search,, Netscape Search, ICQ Search,,, Virgilio, Jumpy, KataWeb, Supereva,, network Lycos international
(not including Japan), Tiscali international network,,, Tiscali Search, international MSN circuit, international HotBot circuit, Altavista, Wisenut.
Other than these engines, the registration is also extended to other important international portals and engines.

- Monitoring results
In order to check the effectiveness of the registration and monitor the promotion, the service includes a reporting activity with bimonthly expiration, for a total of 5 reports during the first service year and of 6 reports in the following years.

- Guaranty and time needed
The service guarantees a considerable increase of the website visibility on the search engines during a few weeks. Moreover, in order to ensure prompt visibility, the ULTRA service guarantees the inclusion in the Arianna Catalogue within seven working days (the inclusion in the catalogue is not possible for websites containing adults material) for 12 months.
A packet of 1.000 visits is guaranteed, which begins arriving within a few days of the service activation. Guaranteed visits are documented with a definitive detailed report, which is sent to the customer when the credit is finished. Even before the definitive report is received, it is however possible to check the course of the "guaranteed" visits, identified by a code well recognizable in the referrer, through the website log files.
After the registration, the search engines take between 3 weeks to 3-4 months to index the website and place it among the searches results. Therefore in the first phase the increase in the visibility of the website is obtained by paying for the insert in the Arianna catalogue and with an actual keyword advertising campaign on the Espotting circuit. As for the registration of the website in the Arianna catalogue, our experts will take care of entering an appropriate title, description, key words and category for the website.

KeyPosition ULTRA costs 500 € (+ VAT) per year