What are the Third levels

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The Third levels are ‘subdomains’ which can be activated in relation to a second level domain registered through Aruba with the qualified Authority. Usually they are used to identify an area which deals with a particular theme of the site. A clear example is our portal www.aruba.it. In fact, for each service which we offer, we have activated a reference ‘subdomain’.

Here are some examples:

http://serverdedicati.aruba.it is the section of our domain which deals with the offers for the dedicated servers;

http://adsl.aruba.it is the area regarding the ADSL service;

http://hosting.aruba.it is the part of our website regarding the registration, the transfer and the renewal of the domains and the related services.

N.B. In order to activate a Third level, the domain in question must be registered through Aruba.it. If the domain was purchased through a different provider/maintainer, it can be transferred to Aruba.it, by following the procedure indicated on hosting.aruba.it